Yoga can be hugely beneficial to women around the time of their conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond. It can calm heightened levels of anxiety, help a mother to increase the enjoyment and comfort of a pregnancy, help specific pregnancy ailments and symptoms, and help to prepare body and mind for birth.

Harriet runs a successful yoga business in Cape Town, encouraging mothers at all stages of their pregnancy journey to join classes and, through her yoga network and passion, supports many women across the Atlantic Sea Board, City Bowl and Southern Suburbs.

Harriet has over 13 years experience in this field and brings her personal knowledge of pregnancy, plus her experience in the birthing room to every one of her classes. She is extremely passionate about yoga for women at this time.

Her classes are not just about stretching. They are about connecting with other pregnant women; about coming together to share, support and listen and, of course, about making pregnancy more enjoyable and easier physically and emotionally.